Month: September 2011

The groundswell manifest itself politically

This article in the New York Times really caught my eye this week. Here is a tangible manifestation of how the narrow interest of Internet culture can manifest itself politically. In Berlin, Pirates Win 8.9 Percent of Vote in Regional Races This is the Groundswell in action, disparate actors banding together politically via the internet to enact real change on the political system. It will be interesting to see if, they can get anywhere politically now that they are swimming with the big sharks. It might be tough given this climate of fiscal austerity.


Windows 8

Started playing with the Windows 8 Developer preview this weekend and I’s got me really excited about the direction Microsoft is taking the Windows environment. The new Metro user interface, is really intuitive and the ability to have a single user environment across the desktop, tablet and phone. Means that user will potentially be able to access the same data and tools no mater where they are. I can see this being a very attractive to businesses, as it would allow the deployment of CRM (Customer Relation Management) systems that could follow sales staff around no matter what type of device they have at that moment.
If you want a heads up on Windows 8 Microsoft has made the developer preview avaiable for download, for free. If you’re interested in the future of the Windows platform you should check it out.
Check out Windows 8