Kidstreet Album

Just finished listing to Kidstreet’s debut album and I got to say it is an excellent first showing from this Waterloo, Ontario based band. It is good to know that Canada is still producing interesting electronic music. While I don’t think this album will find much commercial radio play, I think it will be a big hit on the college radio circuit. The album has that right combination of pop sensibilities and club beats, to get your feet tapping.

I give it four out of five stars.

Check out the video above and pick up the album on iTunes for $6.99, I strongly recommend it. Fun Yeah by Kidstreet


One comment

  1. I liked this the 1st time listening to it. I love how it’s electronic, but at the same time the drumkit is not lo-fi; they used acoustic drum samples to make it sound big. The great mixing and mastering also gives this track great volume and quality.

    I’m just listening on laptop speakers though, I need to get my good headphones back from my friend to listen to this in full quality lol.

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