More control over my info?

All things Digital has a post about some recent surveys that show users want more control over who can see and what they present in their online profile. The findings are not all that shocking, as we become more connected people are becoming more aware about what they are sharing online.

Personally, I’ve has started to become more selective about the type of materials I am posting on Facebook along with no longer linking all my various social network feeds into Facebook. Netflix’s new Facebook sharing feature is a prime example. The main reasons I didn’t link the service to my profile, is that the service will automatically post status update about every video you watch unless you remember to flag a do not post option when you begin watching the video. Not only does this spam your friends list with your viewing habits, it could potentially reveal things about your personality and interest to people who you would not normally want to share it with. I do not want my friends knowing about my addiction to romantic comedies.

For me a more logical option would be an opt-in policy where you would highlight video that you found exceptional and would recommend to your friends.